Ransomware Workshop
Date & Time
Sunday, September 25, 2022, 1:15 PM - 5:30 PM
Alex Holden Kristy Westphal Frans Schippers Ken Fishkin

From Colonial Pipeline to JBS USA, every sector has seen a rise in ransomware attacks with increasing ransoms. Not only are these ransomware criminals stopping critical operations, they are stealing regulated data that they use to further blackmail their targets. Even when ransoms get paid, these stolen files appear on dark web trading sites, and vulnerability data on the target is often reused by new ransomware operators. Cyber insurance is not the answer. 

Sessions will include

1:15pm - 2:15pm - Rescuing Yourself from Ransomware

Boom! You have ransomware. Now what? There are many steps you can take now, but could you have done more ahead of time? Let's take a deep dive into ransomware, both from a preparation and response perspective. What controls do you need in place? Who should be involved? What decisions need to be made ahead of time to best respond to a ransomware event. This session will look at the good, bad and the ugly.

Speaker: Kristy Westphal, VP, Security Operations, HealthEquity

2:15pm - 3:15pm - Versioned Backup as Protection Against Ransomware

Backup is considered the most useful protection against data loss. However, the granularity of backups is usually not sufficient. To save space and time, incremental backups are used. Files that are constantly updated are difficult to backup consistently. This makes management of the process complicated. We address the requirements for fast backups, space optimisation and easy recovery. By inspecting the actions carried out and inspecting the data, we can even detect indications of a ransomware attack. The presented solution is applicable for both small and large systems and also in a cloud environment. The solution can also attribute the data, so that the correct access and protection can be given to the files and objects.

Speaker: Dr. Frans Schippers, Lecturer Cyber Security, HBO-ICT/Cyber Security, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

3:15pm -3:30pm - Afternoon Break

3:30pm - 4:30pm - Why I Go to the Dark Web Every Day

The Dark Web is a scary place. In order to deter the cybercrime, I feel confident exploring its dangerous grounds and know well how to use the Dark Web to defend the victims. I want to invite you on this journey of venturing far beyond your defense perimeter, where cyber criminals are just planning their attacks, and teach you how you can use this knowledge as defensive skills to prevent attacks from happening in the first place.

Speaker: Alex Holden, CISO, Hold Security, LLC

4:30pm - 5:30pm - Click Here to Enter a Ransomware Attack Simulation

While many companies have an incident response plan in place to address potential cyber attacks, oftentimes they are rarely tested,. Untested plans often result in making ad-hoc decisions, leading to riskier behaviors. During this session, we will be conducting an interactive simulated ransomware attack (aka tabletop exercise), that challenges your abilities to handle the internal and external pressures that a cybersecurity professional might feel in the midst of a data breach. During this scenario, you will learn how multifaceted an incident response plan needs to be and why periodically testing needs to be performed for it to be effective and efficient. Areas, such as roles and responsibilities, legal and regulatory obligations and communication strategies need to be discussed to appropriately manage this type of crisis. 

Speaker: Ken Fishkin, Information Security Manager, Lowenstein LLP

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Fiesta 7
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Disney's Coronado Springs Resort
1000 W Buena Vista Drive
Orlando, FL 32830
United States
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