Full Name
Mr Oluyemi James Odeyinka
Job Title
Technical Architect & Cybersecurity Leader
Walgreens Co.
Speaker Bio
James is an accomplished Information technology leader, with several years of relevant experience in Cyber Security, Hybrid Cloud, Product Management, Governance, IoT, and Data Protection & Data Management. He has authored and led many cloud and cyber security training across the globe. James is known for leading complex projects initiatives, and for starting a greenfield complex project. He holds multiple, high-profile startup Board Appointments where he has advised on cybersecurity solutions, alliances, and outreach. James has spoken at many conferences, including IoT World in 2020 during pandemic and in 2021 Santa Barbara, California. Over 15 years, he has successfully progressed up the ranks in leading roles. James is a member of ISC2 and ISACA the two leading IT Security member based organization. He considers the best part of his work to be the ability to nurture the team, embrace new technology, and assist with the technology growth. James believes the world is at a crossroads with technologies, and the zero trust frameworks are not helping as expected, but create a lack of stability and of trust, which in turn leads to more risk and increase in cyber-attacks. James is also an entrepreneur and a founder of many companies, including the recent product Invisieye, which is a security camera embedded with AI and Edge Computing. He has lived and work across the globe, and mentored many people in leadership position today.
Oluyemi James Odeyinka