Full Name
Mr. Max Moerles
Job Title
Senior Lead Technologist
Booz Allen Hamilton
Speaker Bio
I have eight years of information technology experience with a focus on incident response, digital forensics, reverse engineering malware, and cyber hunting. I also have programming and scripting experience that allow me to automate repetitive hunting tasks. I am well versed in computer network defense tools and technologies; including: Splunk, Tanium, FireEye Security Appliances, FTK, Encase, REMNux, Ida-Pro, Ollydbg, Wireshark, Process Hacker, Volatility, Bluecoat, Tanium, Internet Evidence Finder, McAfee HBSS, etc. I have a solid foundation in networking protocols, operating systems, and network technology. I also have experience searching for anomalies and other indicators of malicious activity. This allows me to dig deep into the technical details of a security incident. I am able to track the attacker’s actions, and analyze malware and tools used in an attack to find the initial point of infection. I am currently exploring the capabilities of memory hunting. I enjoy creating and implementing new network security procedures. This involves experimentation, collaboration, and developing documentation about the analysis process I am researching.
Max Moerles